Adjusting to New Glasses: A How-to Guide

Adjusting to New Prescription Glasses Guide

If you think of your glasses as a fashion statement just as much as a tool to improve your vision, chances are you own multiple pairs or change frames often. If you own several pairs of your prescription glasses with a variety of frames, you’ll always be able to keep your style on point. Each time you purchase a new pair of glasses, you’ll need an adjustment period to get used to the way they work with your eyes and rest on your face. Adjusting to new glasses is important for your vision and your state 0f mind.

How long does it take to adjust to new glasses? Take a look at these guidelines for help getting used to your new glasses quickly and painlessly.

Adjusting to a New Prescription

Before you even worry about your frames, first you have to get used to your prescription. This adjustment requires a bit of time, so don’t worry when it doesn’t happen instantly. When you wear a new prescription for the first time, you may feel a bit dizzy, or you may even feel like your new prescription is worse than your old one. This almost always isn’t the case; your eyes are just getting used to new glasses.

Adjusting to a New Prescription

When you’re adjusting to new glasses, it’s best not to plan any activities that will be tough on your eyes. Avoid driving long distances or reading a lot. You may end up with a headache, and if you’re behind the wheel of a car, you certainly don’t want your tired eyes to put anyone at risk. When you’re getting used to new glasses, it can take up to a few weeks for your eyes to adjust fully. If you’re still not feeling right after a week, you should consider making an appointment with your eye doctor.

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Adjusting to New Glasses Frames

Sometimes your prescription is still working great, but your frames break, or maybe you’re just ready for a change of style. In these situations, your eyes still may need time to adjust to the new frames. Each frame rests on your face in a slightly different way, so this could explain the adjustment period even if your lenses are the same.

If you feel discomfort after a few days, you may need to see an optician to get the fit of your frames adjusted. In most cases, you’ll be getting used to the new glasses in a day or two.

Adjusting to New Glasses Frames

Adjusting to a New Lens Type

As your vision changes over time, sometimes you’ll find that different types of lenses help you see better. Progressive lenses can help you see multiple distances without needing a distracting bifocal. Different areas of the lens will help you see different distances best. This may take a few weeks for you to adjust to.

If you have glasses specially designed for reading or seeing long distances, you should wear them only when needed and not all the time. When getting fitted for reading glasses, you should note the typical distance between your face and your books or screens when you’re working. This will help you make sure your glasses are functional and comfortable.

Adjusting to a New Lens Type

Adjusting to New Shapes and Sizes of Frames/Lenses

Switching between thin, rectangular lenses and big, round ones can take a while to get used to. These changes could affect your peripheral vision or overall clarity of sight. When you make this switch, your brain typically needs a few days to process the change.

Adjusting to New Shapes and Sizes of Frames_Lenses

You may or may not be able to notice your frames in your field of vision depending on their shape. If you still haven’t adjusted after a few days, the problem is likely with your lens, not your frames. Our frame sizing guide can help you find the right fit and make adjusting to new glasses easier.

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Adjusting to New Lens Material

Different lens types can throw your eyes for a loop even if you’re working with your usual prescription. High-contrast polarized lenses reduce glare, but they aren’t ideal for use with digital screens. Photochromic lenses are also known as transition lenses. They can be tough to get used to because they automatically darken and lighten in response to your environment.

Adjusting to New Lens Material

What kinds of experiences have you had adjusting to your new Safety Gear Pro glasses? How long does it take to adjust to new glasses in general? Let us know what you think about adjusting to new glasses in the comments!

Adjusting to New Glasses [FAQ]

Do New Glasses Make People Feel Dizzy?

It is very common for a person to feel dizzy while adjusting to new glasses. Even if the prescription is the same, the shape of the frames and lens can throw the eye off. Luckily, as your eyes begin to adjust to the new situation the dizzy feeling will subside.

Is There an Easy Way To Adjust To New Glasses?

Sadly, there is no trick to helping your eyes adjust to a new pair of glasses. The best and only way to guarantee your eyes will adjust and feel comfortable is by wearing the glasses whenever possible. The more you wear them, the more your eyes become familiar with the adjustment.

How Long Does It Usually Take for Eyes To Adjust To Glasses?

If you’re curious about how long does it take to adjust to new glasses, then you’ll be happy to know it is not a lengthy process. On average, a person will be able to feel comfortable with a new pair of glasses within a few weeks of first trying the pair on.

Should My New Glasses Cause Blurry Vision?

When you’re getting used to new glasses, you may start to experience blurred vision. This is your eye straining to get used to the new arrangement and can lead to temporary discomfort. As your eyes adjust, the blurry quality will subside.

How Do I Know My New Glasses Have the Right Prescription?

If you’re having trouble adjusting to new glasses at first, you might believe you were given the wrong prescription. This is a common fear and it usually stems from how uncomfortable new glasses can feel. In most cases, the lenses are correct and your eyes need to adjust. If the issue persists, contact the experts to discover the cause. Though adjusting to new glasses does take time, it is important to make sure you’ve selected the right eyewear for your needs. Visit Safety Gear Pro and peruse the extensive selection to discover the various options available to you.