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Prescription Sport Sunglasses - FAQ

How can I tell which are the best sport sunglasses?

While many choose sunglasses for fashion, those who play sports have additional needs from eyewear, including prescription sport sunglasses. Some key features to watch for when comparing sunglasses include full UV protection and lenses that are made of polycarbonate, which are highly resistant to shattering and much safer during physical activities. In addition, sports eyewear will have nose pieces with non slip padding that keeps them in position, even while sweating, jogging and more. Made of lightweight yet tough plastic, they are typically designed to wrap, in some measure, around the face to offer additional protection from debris, wind and UV rays.

Can I get sports sunglasses using my prescription in the lenses?

Yes, you can. Ordering prescription sports sunglasses is just as easy as ordering any other pair of sunglasses from Safety Gear Pro, and you have several options in frame styles and colors as well. You can choose single-vision lenses with or without digital high definition, which offers sharpness and clarity beyond regular lenses, much like HD television screens compared with non-HD TVs. You can also choose lined bifocal or progressive lenses, with no visible separation between corrective fields; progressive lenses are also available in high definition. Additional options include lens thickness, tints and polarization, water beading, and several protective coatings such as anti-scratch, extra clarity and more.

What does polarization mean in sports sunglasses?

Those who work and play in direct sunlight, including water and snow activities, many times choose sport prescription sunglasses with polarization to cut sun glare and maintain visibility in all light conditions. Polarized sunglasses feature a unique film that is affixed to the front surface of the lens during the manufacturing process. This film is key to good visibility in intense light situations and can help you avoid injury. Sunglasses with dark-tinted lenses reduce brightness, but polarization is the feature that cuts glare. Polarized sunglasses also protect from UV light, which may or may not be included in other, dark-tinted glasses.


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Prescription Sport Sunglasses - Made for Performance

Whether on the beach or working out, prescription sport sunglasses are designed to give you comfortable eye protection that works no matter what you are doing. No matter the activity, whether it is glare from bright sunlight, or the elements themselves, your eyes need to be protected, and SportRX sunglasses give you that and more.

Best Sports Eyewear

Whatever mix of sport and leisure you want, cheap prescription sport glasses give you the eye care you need without hurting the wallet. But that doesn’t mean they are low-quality, because with all the features you are looking for, they are a great solution to protect your eyes.

Improve Your Game With Sport Prescription Sunglasses


PHOTOCHROMIC LENSES - darkens when exposed to light

Sport prescription sunglasses are used in a wide variety of conditions, if you are on the slopes or a mountain bike, working out at the gym or just heading to the beach for the day, the light can change dramatically as you go.

When the light dims, indoors or maybe as you go through a sheltered section of a trail, this can leave your sports sunglasses reducing visibility, and you find yourself constantly taking them on and off.

But not with Photochromic lenses, which react to light automatically, darkening to cut out bright light and protect your eyes. The reverse is true too, as you go from bright light to low light, walking indoors for instance, the lenses automatically lighten, so you can still see what you are doing.

When buying discount prescription sport sunglasses online, choosing a pair that have photochromic lenses makes sense, they are much easier to use in changing light.

Impact Resistance & Shatter Proof

When you think about the kind of activities you do when wearing sport prescription sunglasses, then the need for impact resistance to protect your eyes from stray objects is an obvious feature to have. Whether it’s the impact of a ball or leaves and debris as you cut through a forest on a mountain bike, your eyes are vulnerable to impact damage without the protection of prescription sport sunglasses.

It also goes without saying that eyewear designed to protect your eyes should not shatter if there is an impact, as that would put your eyes in more danger, not less. Sports sunglasses use polycarbonate lenses that are completely shatter proof for your safety.

ANSI Z87 and/or ASTM F803 safety standards

One thing you find when buying discount prescription sport sunglasses online is that they all seem to offer the same features. However, you should never take the seller’s word for it, and this is where ANSI Z87 and ASTM F803 safety standards come in.

These are standards that provide an independent judgement on the performance of the sports sunglasses, to ensure they provide the impact resistance and safety that you expect.

You can buy with confidence, knowing that all cheap prescription sport sunglasses that achieve these standards are as safe as any other glasses that meet the standards, and will provide the eye protection you need.

Find the right Prescription Sport Sunglasses for you

With a wide range of SportRX prescription sport sunglasses to choose from, knowing which ones meet your needs the best is a challenge. However, there are a few features that can help you make that choice and find the sports sunglasses that work for you.

High Quality Materials For Best Sports Sunglasses

Lightweight but string material is essential, and for prescription sport sunglasses this usually means polycarbonate for the lenses and often the frames too. You can find various types of metal used in frames as well, and all offer that blend of strength and weight that makes wearing your sport prescription sunglasses such a pleasure.

However, there are other materials to consider, especially the touch points, that is the nose pads and temple areas. Your sports sunglasses will often be worn for long periods, so you need all day comfort, but they are also used in active sports, so you need eyewear that stays put when you don’t.

Silicon pads and temples not only provide the soft, comfortable fit you need, but are also unaffected by sweat and provide a firm grip that keeps the glasses in place whatever you do.

Stylish Sunglasses That Enhances your Look and Confidence

The best prescription sport sunglasses are the ones you actually wear, so while style is not always something you think about when looking at features and performance, it matters when it comes to spending your money. After all, who wants to buy something they don’t like?

There is plenty of choice, and so finding a balance between sports features when you are working hard, and style when you are taking it easy should not be too difficult.

Order your pair of prescription sport sunglasses at our amazing low prices today, giving yourself improved comfort and protection whatever your day brings. Your eyes deserve the best, order them today.

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