What Is the Best Color of Lenses for Sunglasses?

You may imagine that choosing the right pair of sunglasses is as simple as finding some that block the sun and look good on your face, but there is much more to the process. Polarized sunglasses provide a wide array of benefits that traditional pairs just won’t have. Check out this guide to help you find the best color lenses for your glasses.

Why Choose Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses help to reduce glare and are an excellent choice for people who are extra-sensitive to it or who play a lot of water sports during warmer months. In some cases, you may find that mirrored polarized sunglasses are a better choice for you. Traditional polarized lenses can react with your windshield’s tint and cause blind spots you don’t normally have. Mirrored lenses are a safer alternative, because they reduce glare without creating blind spots. Most polarized lenses come with tinted shades. You may be tempted to simply pick your favorite color, but keep in mind that each tint has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Choosing a Lens Tint

When it comes to choosing a lens tint, you’ll need to determine whether you need a dark color or a light color. Dark lenses are best for everyday use and for people who spend a lot of time outdoors. Dark shades cut through the sun’s glare more easily and prevent eye damage in bright conditions. On the other hand, light colors are best for moderate- and low-level lighting situations. These are good for people who spend more time outdoors during snowy months because they protect depth perception.

Specifying a Color

While lens tints are divided into the basics of dark or light colors, there are even more specifics to consider as you choose the best sunglasses to meet your needs. In fact, you have six colors to choose from:

  • Brown – These lenses are good in everyday conditions, because they enhance contrast and work well in low-light conditions.
  • Blue – Blues enhance your color perception while reducing glare. They are trendier and considered more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Green – Green lenses are best for general purposes. They create an even color perception, brighten shadows, and offer good contrast.
  • Grey – Another option for basic use, grey lenses reduce strain to your eyes, offer excellent color perception, and minimize glare.
  • Pink – Pink lenses provide the most contrast and reduce eye strain. They improve visual depth, making them best choice for people who need good road visibility.
  • Yellow – Finally, yellow offers better sight in hazy conditions. These lenses filter blue light from electronics devices, leading to fewer headaches.

When choosing the best polarized sunglasses, consider more than aesthetics. Think about your daily life and what you need most. Contact Safety Gear Pro to help you find the right glasses for your eyes.

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