Protecting yourself while on the job is incredibly important. While there are many ways to go about the process of shielding yourself from harm, you will find that investing in the right gear is your best bet. Having access to quality accessories can make daily tasks much safer to finish, providing you with both confidence and peace of mind. A great place to begin your search for safety gear is prescription protective eyewear. By understanding a few key details, you will have a much easier time finding the right fit for your needs.

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Specific Environment

Right away, it can be important to understand that there is no one-size-fits-all model when it comes to safety eyewear. In fact, you will be most successful on your journey if you are incredibly specific with the details of your search. For example, the glasses you utilize should be selected based on the environment you work in. The glasses meant for outdoor environments like construction sites are going to be very different than the eyewear that has been designed in order to protect from the hazards of indoor spaces like labs and refineries.

Know the Standard

While focusing on a factor like the environment you work in can make a huge difference when it comes to the results of your search, it is far from the only point to pay attention to. Depending on the industry you work within, you might need to adhere to specific regulations when it comes to the safety gear you select. The standard of your industry matters, so take time to review what organizations like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration have to say about your industry and find products that match.


There are going to be a ton of options to sort through as you seek out the best prescription safety glasses. In order to narrow down your search, you may wish to look at options that boast an ANSI or ISEA rating. Both the American National Standards Institute and Industrial Safety Equipment Association put safety fear through rigorous tests to guarantee quality and effectiveness. When you see a designation of ANSI z87.1 on a pair of glasses, you can take comfort that they have been tested and proven to exceed your expectations.

Know Your Hazards

Every industry is going to have different risks to take into consideration when it comes to safety gear. If you are looking to find the right eyewear for your daily responsibilities at work, you must think about the exact hazards you are bound to face. Keeping your exposures in mind when picking glasses helps you guarantee that you will find a pair that reflects the exact demands of your work environment. Common risks include chemical vapors, flying particles or irritants, caustic substances, light radiation, and a sudden impact or blow to the head.

Don’t Forget

There are also a number of details to consider that might not seem apparent at first. For example, you may work in an environment where you need to protect yourself from all angles at all times. A standard pair of glasses might not provide you with the full range of coverage. This is why you must look into side protection options and accessories that can enhance your overall safety. If you rely on prescription lenses to see, additionally, then it is a good idea to review models that can be fitted with prescriptions.

Make it Comfortable, Give Flexible Options

According to research, workers tend to appreciate certain features when it comes to selecting the best possible eyewear for their safety. Though staying protected is vital, workers will often neglect putting on their eyewear when the models are cumbersome or uncomfortable. This is why you should always look at lightweight designs that boast flexibility as a key feature. The more flexible the design, the more likely it is to conform to the parameters of your daily routine. Face your hazards directly by keeping comfort in mind at all times.

Adapting to Your Needs

Every job is unique. Even if you work in the same field as another person, you might have wildly different needs when it comes to safety gear. In order to select prescription protective glasses that adequately fit your needs, you must review factors like light conditions and environmental impact. Should you work on a job site that is particularly bright and exposed to sunlight, then you will find it helpful to take a look at tints that filter out UV rays in order to improve contrast and visibility.

The treatments you pick for your glasses can make a world of difference toward how you feel about the investment. Look into choices like anti-fog and anti-glare treatments and it can offer you greater insight into customizing your eyewear.

Look for the ANSI Marking

As mentioned, it can be a good idea to seek out the right protective eyewear for your needs by looking for options that have been ranked and reviewed by trusted third-party organizations. One of the biggest names for this purpose is the American National Standards Institute. If you want to feel confident that the glasses you are picking are right for the demands of your line of work, then you simply need to look for a label of ANSI z87.1 attached to the option. Once the glasses have been rated by ANSI, you can take confidence in the investment.

While ANSI tends to be the most prevalent of organizations grading safety eyewear, it is not the only name to look for. Ratings from the Industrial Safety Equipment Association can also help guarantee the quality and protective abilities of the glasses.

Prescription Safety Glasses


Where Can I Invest in New Prescription Protective Eyewear?

If you are on the hunt for new prescription protective eyewear, then finding the right pair for your needs is vital to your success. Give yourself a chance to look at the risks of your industry and seek out designs from Safety Gear Pro that best reflect the demands of your daily routine.

Can Protective Eyewear Be Fitted With Prescription Lenses?

Yes! If you are looking for glasses to keep yourself protected while on the job, then you will easily be able to find a pair that can be fitted with your exact prescription. All you need to do is pay attention to the models that you review and look only at options that can be adjusted to include prescription lenses and you will be on your way to staying safe and seeing clearly.

What Qualities Matter Most When Picking Protective Eyewear?

Though there are plenty of factors that you should take into consideration when selecting protective eyewear, you will find that it is most helpful to focus on glasses that boast durability and comfort. As long as the glasses are strong enough to resist the demands of your industry and comfortable enough to be worn for long periods, you will feel better about your final decision.

When it comes to staying safe while on the job, investing in the right gear is one of the best decisions you can make. Give yourself time to learn more about the variety of prescription protective eyewear available to you at Safety Gear Pro. By researching the choices on the market, you will have an easier time picking out a pair that reflects the demands of your career and keeps you safe from all possible risks.


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