When working under conditions where visibility is limited, workers can be exposed to accidents. In order to keep them protected and get the job finished in time, you will need the following PPE equipment and safety products:

Hand Protection

PPE equipment suppliers suggest that employers invest in impact-resistant gloves. That way, if a worker is exposed to debilitating conditions, they will still receive excellent metacarpal protection. In certain jobs, the risk of workers’ injuring their hands is quite high. These jobs include anything to do with the oil and gas, construction, and mining industries.

Therefore, if your workers are a part of these industries, you might want to get gloves that can keep their hands safe. A good idea is a glove that has been reinforced with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) patches. Other types of gloves use patches of molded thermoplastic rubber (TPR) for that very reason. Such gloves will be highly flexible while also providing much-needed safety.

Industrial equipment safety can become easier if the gloves your workers wear are also able to provide cut resistance. Based on the kind of work they are doing, your workers might need to protect their hands from cuts and slashes. It is smarter to tell PPE equipment suppliers to show you multipurpose protection, such as cuts, impacts, and the weather.

Eye Protection

Industrial equipment safety also includes eyewear that will keep their eyes safe when working under low visibility. For that to happen, the eyewear has to be good quality. Therefore, you should be looking for a product that will combine good performance with comfort. Keep in mind that a sleeker and lighter design of the protective eye gear would make it easier for your workers to wear it for longer periods.

Sudden exposure to bright light after working in the darkness might damage the eyes. It would be a good idea to choose goggles that have tinted and coated lenses. The eyewear should also offer impact protection. Depending on the job they are doing, your workers might also benefit from a goggle that comes with varying magnification strengths. Look for a product that offers a large range of diopters. That way you will get the double benefit of eye protection and increased magnification.        

Increased Visibility

PPE Equipment suppliers suggest that while it is a good idea to protect the workers from accidents beforehand, there are alternatives. For instance, if their visibility was improved, then the chances of an accident happening would become lower. Therefore, the use of reflective tape with outer sides made with vinyl could come in handy. If your workers are pulling off late shifts or are out working at dawn and dusk, then this tape would be a good idea for you. Look for a product that is tough and resistant to abrasion for maximum usage. These days, fluorescent tapes are even available in different/ Choose a product that will perform well because your workers’ lives might depend on it!

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