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Protection For Extreme Moments

The best baseball players always talk about the importance of having your head in the game. Sharp vision is the most important characteristic that accentuates a great player. However, baseball players are always at the risk of hurting their eye whenever they’re in the field.

Sports Performance & Protection

Whichever position a player is playing, baseball sunglasses are an important part of the entire attire. Even though they make a player stand out, they are not to be used as an accessory, but as a health caution.

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ASTM F803 Standards

To ensure you get the best baseball sunglasses, you should ensure that you pick the ones that have been certified to meet the ASTM F803 standards. These standards are essentially for ensuring the best sports sunglasses have been tested and are shatter resistant in a sports environment. Usually, there are two protective eyewear standards in the US and they include;

ASTM F803 - The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) publishes protective eyewear standards for various sports. F803 is the strictest standard for protective eyewear.

ANSI Z87.1 - The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) publishes standards for protective eyewear for occupational safety.

In 2010, Prevent Blindness of America reported that over 28,000 sport-related eye injuries requiring special attention services, occur every year. By estimation, the figures could be higher since private physician services were not included in the report.

Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized lens contain vertically polarized filters. They counter the sunlight from reflective surfaces therefore, are designed to eliminate the glare off of the horizontal plane. Brown lenses, which are mostly polarized, have the yellow or amber pigment which increases contrast. This in turn enables you to differentiate the ball from its background.

Surprisingly, baseball players with light colored eyes, such as blue or hazel, might have problems seeing in environments with bright light compared to brown colored players. For baseball, polarized baseball sunglasses are an added advantage because of selective filtration of particular waves of light.

UV and UVB Protection

Wearing softball sunglasses on a sunny day can be the best solution for playing an easier game. This is obviously due to the fact that shades block out the sun while tracking down the fly balls. Another perception people have of softball sunglasses especially youth baseball sunglasses, is that they are a fashion statement. That is far from it.

Youth baseball sunglasses, just like any other softball sunglasses, are ideally meant for eye protection against UVA and UVB radiation. Biologically, when our eyes are exposed to minimal light, the pupils tend to dilate and increase the surface area that is exposed to UV radiation. Wearing baseball sunglasses that are darker and haven’t been coated with UV-protection, are more likely to facilitate the damage of sun rays.

The Perfect Baseball Sunglasses

Baseball Sunglasses continue to make a huge impact in performace and protection for the players. As baseball keeps gaining more and more traction, the risk of athletes who suffer from eye injuries and complications has grown higher than before. Youth baseball players are exceptionally gullible to eye injuries as their athletic capabilities (hand-eye coordination, balance, reflex and reaction speed) are still developing with time. Nonetheless, statistically, it is reported that 90% of sports-related eye injuries can be avoided with the proper use of protective sports eyewear.

Choice of Baseball Sunglasses

Undoubtedly, the top sunglasses brands have the best looking frames, if not the most functional ones. The highest quality frames ensure you have the best protection even for the glasses. Quality frames meet ASTM F803 standards to ensure the best safety settings are acquitted to you.

Predominantly, strong frames depend on the material that has been used to manufacture them. Most strong materials are perceived to be heavyweight and that would not suite good baseball sunglasses. However, there is a light but strong quality material known as polycarbonate that can provide instant impact protection.

Best Frame Design for Baeball Sunglasses

When picking baseball sunglasses, always ensure you pick the one that fits and has more grip to the face. Loosened sunglasses can easily fall out hence causing damage to them. Rimless frames provide a suitable way to prevent anything from blocking the aperture during the game. Frames with straps at the back can be suitable for kids who need better grip and steadiness to the face.

Lens for Prescription Baseball Sunglasses

Lenses that have 3mm polycarbonate earn the approval of ASTM standards. Thinner lenses are bound to cause huge risk. Low budget lenses have low UV prevention capability and this may be a risk to many players’ eyesight.

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