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RX Bolle Eyeglasses


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FAQs Bolle Eyeglasses

How Do You Find the Right Bolle Eyeglasses to Order?

To find the right Bolle eyeglasses for your needs, consider where they will be used. You can then choose a style and design that suits your needs.

Is Bolle a Quality Brand?

Bolle provides quality, value, and comfort. It is considered a top option for safety glasses and goggles, providing versatile products that go the extra mile for durability and comfort.

Who Makes Bolle Eyeglasses?

Bolle is a brand of eyewear that makes goggles, glasses, sunglasses, and more. The company is headquartered in Lyon, France.

What Makes Bolle Safety Glasses Special?

The eyewear provided by Bolle is designed with superior durability and clarity to ensure you get the clear vision you need along with a high level of durability. You can also opt for additional features, such as anti-scratch coatings and more.

How to Find the Best Safety Glasses?

Purchasing the best safety glasses will help ensure your eyes and vision are protected regardless of the environment you are in. Bolle offers the features that you want and need, regardless of your vision needs.

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Clear Vision & Style in Bolle Eyeglasses


ANSI High Impact Protection

ANSI-certified, Bolle prescription glasses provide the highest level of protection available today. These glasses are designed to stand up to the harshest environments and keep your eyes and vision protected. If you want to feel confident that your eyes are safe from harm, regardless of if you are in a welding shop or playing racquetball, Bolle glasses deliver peace of mind.

Safety and Clarity

Keeping your eyes free from dirt, debris, and sweat is a given with the Bolle prescription eyeglasses. Designed to ensure you can see clearly, the rubber and foam seals make it impossible to breach, regardless of what you are doing.

Mark of Perfection

When it comes to the perfect eyewear, you may believe there is no such thing. However, this isn’t the case when it comes to Bolle glasses options. These are designed to keep you protected and ensure clear vision no matter what you are doing.

Versatile and Protective Bolle Glasses

Bolle prescription eyeglasses are designed for comfort and durability. Thanks to the design and certification of these glasses, they can be used with or without your prescription and provide you with the clear vision needed for any activity you participate in. The interior portion of the frames is lined with foam, which protects your eyes from sweat, debris, dust, dirt, and mud. The design also allows these to double as safety or sports frames to ensure your eyes and vision are protected. A quality strap is included to keep the glasses secure on your face and is easy to attach and remove. This makes wearing the glasses even more comfortable and convenient.

Superior Protection from Quality Safety Goggles

If you are looking for protective and durable glasses, Bolle glasses offer quality options that will help ensure your eyes are protected, regardless of the environment you are in. These safety goggles feature a modern design and can be fit with prescription lenses to ensure clear, unobstructed vision at all times. However, these goggles are designed for more than just safety. They can double as sports goggles too and protect any activities you participate in, from running and basketball to racquetball and more. These goggles also feature a rubber gasket that provides an extra level of protection to keep sweat, dust, and debris out of your eyes.

If you search for high-quality, durable, and protective eyewear, you can’t go wrong with Bolle prescription eyeglasses. These are designed to provide you with the high level of protection you want and need and minimize issues, such as debris getting in your eyes. With this eyewear, you can have peace of mind you are protected while remaining comfortable regardless of what you are doing.

Bolle Eyeglasses – The Perfect Blend of Style and Comfort

Our Collection of Bolle Safety Eyeglasses

In the world of eyewear, Bolle is one of the leading and globally recognized brands. Going after the everyday use, prescription, outdoor, and tactical customers, Bolle eyeglasses have already made a name in all these markets due to their quality and performance.

If one wonders how Bolle have made a place for its safety eyeglasses in the global market, one only has to look at the variety of products lines they are producing:

  • GENDER DIFFERENTIATION: In terms of gender and age, Bolle safety glasses do not disappoint any segment of their customers. They are making great product lines for men, women, and children. The frames and lenses built for each of these segments are designed to appeal to a certain consumer segment. They have style and other features that are closer to the target segment’s liking generally.
  • ACTIVITY DIFFERENTIATION: Bolle eyeglasses also come in a variety of products made only for the outdoor, sporty customers. The brand differentiates these products by nature of the sport involved. This alone is a sign of great design from Bolle, closely researching the needs of every sport and building design to fit its players’ needs. These Bolle eyeglasses come in categories for golf, tennis, skiing, cycling, and other sports.
  • SIZE DIFFERENTIATION: All Bolle products are built to fit a variety of sizes so that no customer is left disappointed. Along with the variety of frame size categories of small, medium, and large, products that come with straps and other features for grip and fitting can also be used to get the best fit for every Bolle customer.

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