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Oakley Glasses

High-Definition Optics

Oakley High Definition Optics® (HDO®) feature lenses that are designed with comfort, protection and performance as their key attributes. The state-of-the-art visual clarity, lab-tested impact resistance, and attention to modern, comfortable style all make Oakley an unparalleled choice for prescription glasses.

Boundary-Pushing Style

Wearing Oakley glasses is about seeing great, looking great, and feeling great. The style portion of that promise has attracted internationally known athletes and celebrities to the Oakley brand. Look your best and wear a globally recognized status symbol when you go out into the world with your Oakley frames on. Oakley glasses’ look is both modern and timeless, staying on the cutting edge of optical fashion and setting the pace for generations to come.

All-Day Comfort

With Oakley glasses, the days of uncomfortable glasses that slide down your nose and grind impressions into your face are over for good! Oakley’s quality engineering follows through on its mission to keep you comfortable in all kinds of occupations, climates, and scenarios. Oakley glasses keep you comfortable and your eyes protected throughout long days of use.

Oakley Glasses FAQs

How do I order Oakley glasses?

Select a pair of Oakley glasses from a selection of the brand’s most popular prescription, safety and sunglasses styles. Confirm the size and safety ratings of glasses before customizing lenses with a single-vision or multifocal prescription and a choice of finishes and tints. Some frames only accommodate specified prescription strengths.

Does Oakley make prescription glasses?

Oakley prescription glasses can be fitted with clear or tinted lenses for everyday, active or outdoor wear. The base curve of a particular frame style may determine whether glasses are compatible with a high Rx prescription. Wraparound frames can cause distortion when paired with lenses that provide powerful vision correction.

What lenses are available for Oakley eyewear?

The lens colors you can choose from depend on the style of Oakley frames and whether you need Oakley prescription glasses. Some lens tints and coatings are exclusive to non-Rx lenses. A variety of lens tints and options for polarization or mirroring are available for glasses that provide vision correction.

Does Oakley make glasses for men and women?

Oakley makes masculine and feminine styles as well as unisex frames. The most important factor for selecting glasses that fit is matching the dimensions of frames to your face. Check the frame size or fit and specific measurements such as the bridge or lens width, lens height and arm length.

Can I get Oakley frames with clear or tinted lenses?

Oakley eyewear is durable enough for daily wear at work or school. You can also put on Oakley safety glasses for eye protection. If you spend time outside, you may prefer tinted lenses to reduce glare and enhance contrast and depth perception. Mirrored and polarized sunglasses block more reflected light.