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Benefits of Bifocal Safety Glasses

There are a number of benefits to wearing bifocal glasses, most importantly that they enhance your vision by providing a product that both promotes safety and allows you to read clearly. Bifocals are also more convenient since you won't need to switch between two different pairs of glasses, not to mention efficient enough to keep your productivity at high levels. Consider the money savings as well. Buying one pair of glasses that meets all of your needs is much more affordable than buying multiple pairs. Finally, you can't forget style. Bifocal safety glasses are available in a wide range of sizes and both men's and women's styles to ensure that you always look good, even when you're doing your job.

Prescription Safety Glasses FAQ

Safety glasses are necessary when you're working any kind of job that could create debris that makes it into the eyes. This includes glass blowing, metal welding, roadside construction, and much more. In fact, they're even helpful for outdoor activities such as off-roading, hunting, and even playing golf. Keeping your bifocal safety goggles clean is easy. All you'll need is some disinfectant and a clean microfiber cloth. Glasses at Safety Gear Pro are both ANSI and impact-rated as well as OSHA-approved.

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Do you have poor close or distant vision? Do you regularly perform activities that need safety glasses? Are you tired of swapping between your bifocal glasses and safety glasses at your workplace? The perfect solution to all your problems is safety bifocal eyeglasses. Whether you work in a factory or in an open environment like a construction site, your eyes are always under constant risk if they are left unprotected.

But with Safety Gear Pro, you don’t have to worry about your eye safety and vision clarity anymore. We have a wide range of high quality bifocal safety glasses that are designed keeping hazardous working environments in mind and follow all the required safety standards. So browse through our collection and choose from different styles, tints, and colors according to your taste.