The 10 Ways Glasses Win Over Contact Lenses

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In their simplest form, glasses provide sight to individuals with slight to severe impairments. Precisely crafted prescription lenses take an otherwise blurry world and make it clear and distinct. However, for some people, the frames needed to place the lenses in front of the eyes correctly are cumbersome, obtrusive. For these individuals, glasses are a runner-up to contact lenses, which provide near invisible correction. While the claims of contacts being less cumbersome are somewhat valid, this one advantage does not and should not contribute to selecting contacts over prescription glasses online. There are at least 10 ways glasses are better than contacts.

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1. Comfort

While some might argue this point, the best online prescription glasses are more comfortable than contact lenses. Some people can wear contacts without issue, but many people experience dry, itchy, and watery eyes wearing contacts for prolonged periods. The only recourse for complications or discomfort from contact lenses is removing the lenses or using hydrating drops.

Glasses do not come with the same level of discomfort. When wearing frames, your eyes can still breathe, preventing the dryness that can accompany contacts. Frames can also be worked to fit your face precisely, allowing for minimal if any strain, meaning superior comfort.Shop Nike Womens Glasses

2. Convenience

When you wear contacts, you always have to keep a lens case, lens solution, and drops on hand. You also need to be aware of the lenses in your eyes continuously, so you do not accidentally fall asleep with them in or rub your eyes the wrong way.

Glasses do not come with the same hangups as contacts. You only ever need a case and a cleaning cloth, and you never need to worry about taking a nap. With glasses, it is easy to remove the frames and rest without any preparation.

3. Maintenance

Contacts require constant maintenance. Disposable options also require a commitment to a calendar, ensuring you don’t inadvertently expose your eyes to infection or other problems. Contact lenses need to be cleaned and rinsed daily. Many brands also recommend limiting wear to a specific number of hours daily.

Prescription glasses do not require much upkeep. As long as you put the frames in your case every night or when not in use and wipe the lenses with an appropriate cloth every day, your frames should remain in good condition for as long as you need or until you order prescription glasses online.

4. Fit

One of the primary issues with contacts is the fit. Everyone’s eyes are different, and for the prescription to be right, the contact must sit precisely on the eye. Unfortunately, finding this precise fit can be a product of trial and error as you go from brand to brand and product to product.

Glasses do not have the same issue when it comes to fit. Sure, the lenses must be sculpted or shaped to fit your prescription, but once in the frames, it is easy to bend to fit. Also, as your eyes change as you age, glasses tend to maintain a proper fit regardless, meaning fewer adjustments are needed.

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5. Cost of Prescription Glasses Online

While cost comparisons between contact lenses and prescription lenses can be close when purchasing from an optometrist, there is no comparison when buying glasses from online retailers. You can buy a non-specialized pair of glasses online for between $30 and $50. Honestly, even bifocals have drastic price reductions when purchased from reputable online sellers.

6. Health

Contacts present a risk for injury or infection, especially if wearers do not take care of the lenses correctly. When placing and removing lenses from the eye, there is a potential for scratching. Additionally, if the lens is not cleaned or rinsed adequately, the wearer might inadvertently put dirt or grime into their eye. Glasses do not present the same issue because the lenses never come into contact with the eye.

7. Eye Protection

While contacts might provide some protection to the center of the eye, they do not protect the entire eye against dust, wind, and other debris. Glasses create a shield in front of the eye, and with prescription goggles or wraparound frames, the protection is all-encompassing.

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8. Freedom

The primary advantage of glasses, beyond health and safety, is the freedom to do what you want when you want. If you’re on a long flight and want to take a nap, take your glasses off and sleep. If your by a pool or beach and want to go for a swim, go. Contacts require the wearer to be constantly aware and protective of the lenses, which can be frustrating.

9. Fashion

With an increase in celebrities and athletes wearing glasses, it seems that frames have become fashionable. Beyond the timeless styles of sleek black frames, you can find several designs from modern to traditional to suit all your wardrobe needs. Many frames even come in a variety of colors to fit your style.

10. Adjustable

Glasses are adjustable. If you find frames you love, there is no reason you can’t keep them for years. Most frames are flexible enough to adapt to changing facial structures, and lenses can always be swapped out as needed. The best part is lens replacements can be less expensive than having to buy frames and lenses together. Contacts will not allow for such savings.

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Are you convinced? Glasses are better than contacts, especially as it relates to health and safety. If you are interested in buying prescription glasses online, check out Safety Gear Pro for some of the best safety glasses designs. One of their representatives can help you find a pair to fit your lifestyle.

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Is it safe to order glasses online?

When purchasing glasses online, you will need to take precautions. There are many sellers with less than stellar reputations. Before buying from any retailer, even brick-and-mortar locations, check reviews and client referrals. When you do your homework and buy from a reputable source, purchasing glasses online is perfectly safe.

Can you buy prescription glasses on the web?

You can buy prescription lenses online. In fact, it is often more affordable to buy from an online retailer than a brick-and-mortar store because online businesses can cut out many logistical operations and retail markups. However, before buying from an online retailer, make sure they can create your precise prescription.

Can you save money buying glasses online?

You can absolutely save money buying glasses online. Often, when you purchase online, you are buying directly from a manufacturer, meaning you are cutting out the middleman. However, even when buying from a reputable retailer, costs are cut because operating expenses for online stores are less than for physical stores.

How do you buy online prescription glasses?

When buying glasses online, you will want to have two things on hand: your prescription and a photo. The prescription ensures your glasses are made correctly. You will need to input the precise numbers for your lenses as they are made to those specifications. The photo is for a virtual fitting, allowing you to see what the glasses will look like on your face.

Are there any advantages to buying glasses online?

Beyond savings, buying glasses online provides the consumer with options. When you go to your local optometrist’s office, you have a limited selection of frames to choose from, and most cost hundreds of dollars. Online retailers can provide hundreds of options, with many frames costing between $30 and $50.