7 Situations in Which You Need 3M Safety Glasses

7 Situations in Which You Need 3M Safety Glasses Header

Your eyes are one of the most delicate features on your body. As such, it is always wise to protect them during activities that could be potentially harmful. Your vision can’t be replaced, so always use the best protection you can provide them, which would be 3M safety glasses.

There are numerous situations in which you should wear safety glasses. Some people even opted to wear the during the COVID-19 pandemic, as it is possible to catch a virus when droplets come into contact with the eyes. Here are seven situations in which you’ll want to protect your eyes.

construction workers wearing 3M safety glasses

  1. Welding
  1. During Wood Crafts
  1. Around Chemicals and Gases
  1. On Construction Sites
  1. Metal Grinding
  1. Agricultural Work
  1. Masonry Work

The options for protective eyewear are vast, so be sure to know what works best for your situation. You may need prescription safety glasses or goggles, and they may need to be vented or non-vented. They can also provide UV protection and fog resistance. Choosing the best safety wear for your situation will ensure your protection from accidents, injury and irritation.

construction worker wearing 3M safety glasses


Will My Prescription Glasses Protect My Eyes?

You should never rely on prescription glasses to protect your eyes unless they are 3M prescription safety glasses. Ordinary prescription glasses don’t have side shields that provide complete protection from hazards such as flying particles or smaller contaminants. They also aren’t made to stay fastened to your face during rigorous work.

How Do I Know Which Glasses Are Right For My Job?

Your employer should always be able to advise you as to what type of protection is best for your work situation. Every company is unique, and what might be proper protocol in the same industry at one company may be different at the next. In addition, your employer should have training for proper safety protocols during your normal job function. Consult with your supervisor to find out what type of training and protective gear you should have.

What Causes Eye Injuries?

According to the Department of Labor Statistics, the most common cause of eye injury is flying particles, including sparks such as those that result from welding. The majority of the time, the particles were to small for the injured to notice prior to the injury. Contamination from chemicals is also a common cause of injuries.

Does Eye Protection Require Maintenance?

Your eye protection should be given the same priority of care that you would give to any necessary equipment for your job. If your eyewear becomes dirty, it should be cleaned immediately, as being able to see during the course of your work or task is imperative. If your glasses become scratched or damaged, they should be replaced.

Do 3M Safety Glasses Come in Different Styles?

3M safety glasses come in a variety of shapes and styles. Whether the wearer wants protection with a more traditional look or wants to opt for something more modern and sleek, 3M provides a range of options, keeping in mind the broad spectrum of style preferences among consumers.   Find the Right Protective Wear For You There are many hobbies and careers in which protective eyewear can prevent irritation and injury. You can find the right protective gear for your job, hobby, and personal style at Safety Gear Pro. Safety Gear Pro carries 3M safety glasses and can customize them to fit your prescription. Be sure to shop our sunglasses for when you need protection outdoors.