Managing an active construction site can often bring about a number of difficult challenges. While creating and adhering to a construction safety program makes sense from a logical standpoint, the decision is also one you absolutely need to make in order to remain compliant with OSHA guidelines. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration puts forth strict regulations in order to ensure the safety of workers across all industries. Since the construction industry is fraught with risks, there are a few key points to focus on in order to stay compliant with the standards.

Review these suggestions on how to best follow OSHA’s guidelines for safety. A few small adjustments can make a world of difference when it comes to protecting your workers and your assets.

Man Wearing Osha Construction Glasses

Understand the Basic Points

The obvious way to begin this journey is by reviewing the various restrictions and rules listed by OSHA. These regulations will be detailed on OSHA’s website and in any documentation provided to you by the organization. Without dedicating time to understanding what the rules of your industry are, you won’t have the first idea of how to manage a successful safety program for your business. Typically, the guidelines will center around the conditions of the workplace and the gear that each member of your team is required to wear while on an active site.

Educate Your Team

Understanding the rules yourself is only the first step of adhering to OSHA guidelines. Next, you need to educate your team on the regulations. There are several ways to go about this process. For some employers, the decision to gather employees together for a safety seminar can be the right fit. However, other businesses prefer to handle communications of this nature in a digital manner. Sending emails to your staff makes it easier for the members of your team to thoroughly go over the details on their own time.

Part of training your team on safety standards involves providing information on how to operate, repair, and maintain the equipment that they will be working with each day. OSHA states that all equipment needs to meet specific safety standards, and this will fall on your crew to ensure.

Consider the Gear

Remaining compliant with OSHA standards goes beyond simply educating your team on the right way to go about daily operations. You must also consider the gear and equipment involved. From safety goggles to hard hats, there are a number of essential items to consider with your construction safety equipment. Typically, most of the equipment required in the construction industry will have prominent designations from manufacturers. For example, goggles and glasses with an ANSI z87.1 classification have been tested and are known to withstand the pressures and impacts common to the industry.

Corporate Eyewear Safety Program


How Can I Order New Construction Equipment?

When the time comes to order new equipment for your construction safety program, all you need to do is visit Safety Gear Pro. Explore the selection available and read over the specs to see which items fit your specific needs. In no time, you’ll be ready to improve your ability to remain compliant with OSHA standards.  

What Are the Standards of OSHA?

The main standard of OSHA states that all employers are responsible for going to certain lengths in order to best protect their employees from potential hazards. OSHA often breaks the rules into groups depending on industry, meaning the main categories are General, Agriculture, Construction, and Maritime.

What Are Penalties for OSHA Violations?

Penalties for violating OSHA rules and regulations can vary. Usually, the fines will cost you a significant chunk of change. On top of this, too many violations can lead to your business being shut down by OSHA until you get everything up to code.

What Is Considered Construction Equipment?

Construction equipment is an umbrella term that includes a variety of different items and pieces of safety gear. From the large machinery used to break ground and build structures to the smaller items used to increase a worker’s personal safety, learning more about gear and equipment can help you make the right decisions moving forward.

What Is a Willful OSHA Violation?

A violation that is considered a “willful violation” is one OSHA details as being made knowingly n the part of the business owner. While mistakes can and will happen, a problem that is deemed a willful violation can cause you a lot of trouble down the line and should be avoided at all costs.

Working in the field of construction can often prove to be incredibly dangerous. Luckily, entities like OSHA exist to make sure that employees are always protected. When you’re looking to start establishing a construction safety program, you absolutely want to be sure you remain compliant with OSHA standards. Take time to review the basic standards for gear and turn to Safety Gear Pro when you need to invest in new equipment.  

Man Wearing Osha Construction Glasses