Choosing the best pair of leather gloves for work or buying leather work gloves in wholesale for your workers? You need to consider a number of things. From the environment of workplace to the safety hazards you face; you need to keep all of it in mind. Another very important thing that needs to be considered is the type of leather the gloves are made of, because ultimately, the quality of the gloves will be determined by the kind of leather used to make it.

To help you pick the right pair of heavy duty leather work gloves and when buying leather work gloves in wholesale, here are the types of leather you should know about.


Types of Leather

  • Deerskin: naturally soft and supple, deerskin leather offers excellent dexterity. When it is wet, it dries out flexible and soft. This makes it one of the most popular leather types to make work gloves for environments where there is a frequent encounter with liquids.

  • Cowhide: This is one of the most commonly used leather to make leather work gloves. Before the manufacturing process, the leather is divided into three layers. The outer layer, also known as the grain side, is used to manufacture premium quality leather gloves. This is the smoothest, as well as the strongest part of the cowhide. The bottom layer, also known as the suede side, is used to make leather palm styles. This layer is rough and hence needs lining to protect hands form the roughness of this layer. The middle layer lacks tensile strength and is usually discarded.

  • Pigskin: The leather from pigskin is tanned to get maximum pliability and toughness. It is flexible and soft drying and does not stiffen when exposed to moisture. It is also excellent in abrasion resistance and is very durable.

  • Goatskin: If you are looking for leather work gloves that are pliable and soft, goatskin is the best choice. It has the highest amount of natural lanolin content.

When choosing to buy leather work gloves in wholesale for your workers, it is important to find out the kind of leather that has gone into the manufacturing process. With the right choice of leather, you will be able to choose the best pair of heavy duty leather work gloves for work.