Wearing heat resistant gloves is necessary for the workers who work in an environment where they are exposed to high temperatures and heat hazards. These gloves keep the hands of the workers safe when they are in touch with extremely hot objects. There are many different types of heat hazards and you need a specialized pair of gloves to remain safe and productive.

Choosing the Right Heat Resistant Gloves

Gloves that offer heat resistance are rated under the EN 407 ratings. These ratings have six numbers and each of these numbers show the resistant the pair of safety gloves offer against a specific kind of hazard. You need to understand these numbers to be able to choose best pair of heat protection gloves.

EN 407 Ratings

EN 407 Number

Rating Range Type of Protection






Contact heat



Convective heat



Radiant heat

5 1-4

Small splashes of molten metal



Large splashes of molten metal


  1. This number shows how much resistance to flammability is offered by the gloves, 1 being the lowest and 4 being the highest in offering protection against hazards like naked flames.
  2. This is the resistant to contact hear offered by the gloves. In an environment with high contact heat, you need gloves with a higher rating.
  3. The third number indicates the resistant to convective heat. The higher the rating, the better protection provided by the gloves against convective heat.
  4. Number 4 is the resistance of the gloves against radiant heat. In environments where the risks of radiant heat are great, you need high temperature heat resistant gloves with a high radiant heat rating.
  5. This number shows the resistance offered by the gloves against small splashes of molten metal. The higher the rating the better protection you get from the gloves.
  6. Number 6 is the rating of protection offered by gloves against large splashes of molten metal. You need to have high temperature heat resistant gloves with a higher rating in this category to ensure you are safe in an environment where there are frequent interactions with large splashes of molten metal.


When choosing heat resistant gloves, it is important to keep in mind the above-mentioned numbers and ratings which will allow you to get the right pair of protective gloves to keep you safe from temperature hazards.