The body part that is most exposed to risks and damage at a workplace are your hands. Whether the harm is from chemicals, burns or cuts, you need to keep your hands protected. When it comes to the protection of your hands, Ansell general purpose gloves offer a good choice.

If you are wondering what gloves will work best for your particular workplace, here is the list of general purpose gloves and their applications, as highlighted by the National Safety Council.

Types of Gloves

Cotton & Fabric Gloves: If you are exposed to risks of abrasion, these are the ideal gloves. These, however, will not keep you protected against sharp and rough objects.

Coated Fabric Gloves: These gloves are ideal to provide protection against chemicals. They can be used in the laboratories while handling chemicals.

Plastic, Rubber & Synthetic Gloves: These general-purpose gloves are ideal to be used when cleaning or working with solvents, oils or other chemicals.

Leather Gloves: These protective gloves offer protection against the hot objects and prevent your hands from getting burns.

Liquid/Chemical Resistant Gloves: There are some specific type of gloves that offer protection against different chemicals. These include:

  • Butyl Rubber Gloves: sulfuric acid, nitric acid, peroxideand hydrochloric acid
  • Nitrile Rubber Gloves: chlorinated solvents
  • Rubber/ Natural Latex Gloves: alkalis,water solutions, ketones, salts, or acids
  • Neoprene Gloves: alcohols,hydraulic fluids, gasoline, and organic acids

The kind of Ansell general purpose gloves you choose depend on the kind of workplace you work at and the hazards you face. It is important to invest in a good quality pair of general purpose gloves as they are the protection you need against hazards. From chemicals to hot and sharp objects, you need protection for your hands as these are the ones that need to be in their best form all the time.

When choosing gloves, make sure you do not just look at the price but also the specific characteristics it has.  With the right pair of safety gloves, your hands safety will be ensured, all the time.