What makes Nitrile Gloves a Preferable Choice

Gone are the days when Nitrile gloves were less popular than the latex ones. Back then, healthcare professionals preferred the latex gloves because they were more comfortable to wear. Moreover, nitrile gloves were costlier, which was another reason for their unpopularity. With the introduction of vinyl gloves, people had another option. However, as you will see below, vinyl can be cumbersome to use. Times changed and healthcare professionals now prefer nitrile to latex and vinyl varieties.

Here are some reasons why:

Latex vs. Nitrile Gloves

Latex gloves are manufactured from natural rubber. This can cause an allergic reaction in many people. People susceptible to latex allergies can easily use nitrile gloves made of synthetic rubber.

Being made of synthetic rubber, nitrile is almost 3 times stronger than latex. This makes it more puncture resistant, which is a handy feature to have when someone is working with sharp needles.

Lastly, the price of latex is more likely to fluctuate, depending upon the availability of natural rubber. This means that the price of medical gloves made from latex can also vary greatly. Synthetic rubber is created inside a lab and can be mass produced in a plant, which makes price volatility unlikely.

Nitrile vs. Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl gloves are also made from synthetic Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC). However, it cannot match the durability and high degree of protection that nitrile medical gloves can offer.

It is necessary for safety gloves to be form fitting, which vinyl gloves aren’t. Loosely fitting gloves not only hamper the wearer’s range of mobility but might also catch on something and tear.

Lastly, some PVC gloves can contain toxic material, such as plasticizers. Among plasticizers, one of the most dangerous chemicals, DEHP, might interfere with the development of the male reproductive organs!

Reasons why nitrile gloves are called medical grade gloves:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • More puncture resistant
  • Powder-free
  • Form-fitting
  • Free of toxic chemicals, such as DEHP
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals
  • Suitable for an extended amount of time
  • Will work well in a wide range of high-risk situations
  • Longer shelf life

It is evident that nitrile gloves have much more to offer than the other varieties. It is equally obvious that they are more suitable to lab work and as safety gear than others are. Which one should you be trusting to keep you safe?

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