Why Do You Need Prescription Motorcycle Glasses?


All the fun and excitement of riding a bike might go away the instant a foreign particle enters your eyes, leaving your vision blurred and your bike out of control.

Therefore, it is important to get motorcycle sunglasses whenever you are riding a bike. By wearing motorcycle goggles, you will reduce the instance of accidents caused by injury to your eyes and will also enhance your vision so you can enjoy a smooth ride without any problem. If you are still doubtful about investing in motorcycle riding glasses, look at a few important reasons that will definitely change your mind.

Why are Prescription Motorcycle Goggles Essential?

If you are fond of riding motorcycles, you must think about investing in prescription motorcycle glasses because these glasses protect your eyes from flying particles. When you are piercing through the wind on your bike, there is a high chance of a flying piece of rock or sand entering your eyes. When any type of particle enters your eyes, it immediately causes irritation and discomfort, leaving your focus off the road. This is a very dangerous situation as the lack of focus on the road might end up in a horrific traffic accident, posing a threat to many lives.

Therefore, anyone who loves to ride bikes needs to ensure that they are following proper safety measures on the road. The entrance of dirt and gravel into the eyes can mean potential damage and may result in long-term injury.

Benefits of Investing in Prescription Motorcycle Glasses

If you want to enjoy a safe and secure motorcycle ride, you need to invest in bike glasses. Take a look at some benefits of investing in bike eyewear below:

Complete Sun-Protection

Motorcycle glasses offer complete protection against harmful UV rays that are highly damaging to our eyes and skin. When sunlight directly hits your eyes, your vision disrupts and you face a complete black out. Since you are on the road, such a scenario can result in horrific road accidents. However, if you use sun-protection glasses, you will see perfectly regardless of the light conditions.

Prevent Your Eyes from Injury

It is quite common for debris, dirt, sand, and gravel particles to enter your eyes while you are riding a bike without prescription motorcycle sunglasses. These particles can harm your eyes and may result in eye injuries that might require immediate relief. However, using motorcycle glasses can protect your eyes from all types of injuries during your ride.

Enhanced Vision for Improved Ride

Motorcyclists require perfect vision to be able to ride without any trouble. However, if you haven’t protected your eyes with prescription glasses, there is a high chance of dust particles entering your eyes and leaving you out of focus and blinded in some instances. In order to avoid road accidents and keep your vision perfect, it is best to get biker shades to keep your focus where it is needed.

Prescription Motorcycle Glasses FAQs

Can You Wear Glasses and Ride a Motorcycle?

There is no reason you cannot wear prescription motorcycle glasses when riding, even if you are wearing a helmet. Many people who need prescription eyewear to see will wear their glasses underneath their helmet. The best motorcycle glasses are made with shatterproof materials, such as polycarbonate, and provide UV protection.

Can I Buy Prescription Motorcycle Glasses Online?

Yes, shopping for prescription motorcycle glasses from online vendors, like us at Safety Gear Pro, is a great way to save money on your eyewear and choose a pair with all the features you’re looking for. We even offer goggles and glasses with interchangeable tinted lenses, so you can stay safe no matter when you ride.

What Type of Motorcycle Riding Glasses Should Be Worn at Night?

Always avoid wearing tinted motorcycle riding glasses when night riding. If you wear sunglasses during the day to avoid glare and eye fatigue in bright light, you can always purchase two pairs of glasses or invest in a pair of photochromic lenses that change their tint based on the lighting conditions.

Do You Have To Wear Glasses When on a Motorcycle?

The laws on helmet and eyewear laws vary depending on the state, so you should always check what is required in your area. While some states have no eyewear requirements, others require eyewear indefinitely while others only require eyewear if the bike is not equipped with a windscreen.

Can You Wear Glasses Under a Motorcycle Helmet?

Wearing glasses with a motorcycle helmet is very common, but it may take some work to find a pair of prescription motorcycle glasses and helmet that work well together. Finding glasses that fit easily under a motorcycle and investing in a flip-up helmet can make it easier to quickly get your gear on and off.