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Military Glasses


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ANSI Rated Shield Safety Frames

Military glasses with an ANSI rating have been tested according to strict safety standards. This guarantees the quality and overall durability of the eyewear in an array of high-risk scenarios and makes it an excellent option for protection.

Oakley Det Cord Industrial ANSI Safety Glasses Review | Safety Gear Pro

Investing in military prescription glasses can be a wise way to keep your eyes protected. Made to be resilient in a variety of situations, this eyewear can make all the difference when it comes to your feelings of safety.

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Shatter Proof Lenses

Military safety glasses feature strong, durable lenses. This greatly reduces the odds of the glass shattering from a sudden impact and can provide the sense of confidence required to enter an array of common high-risk situations associated with the armed forces.

Shield Glasses

Glasses designed for use by members of the military need to fully protect the eyes from a wide assortment of threats. Shield glasses cover the eyes from a variety of risks, including microscopic environmental irritants that can cause damage to the cornea when directly exposed.

Ballistic Tested

To guarantee the performance of the eyewear, military glasses go through intense testing in order to live up to the standards set forth by the armed forces. These ballistic tests help to guarantee the models will stay strong when put to the challenge.

Military Glasses FAQs

Can You Wear Glasses in the Military?

You can wear glasses in the military, but the eyewear must come from a list of approved brands and models put out by the military. Naturally, there are a handful of specific points to take into consideration in order to know what to expect when looking to enlist. Every branch has different vision regulations, so be sure to look over the details of the branch you are interested in applying to.

Does the Military Require Perfect Vision?

The United States has specific regulations for its soldiers. While perfect vision is preferred, an individual who wears appropriate military prescription glasses will still qualify for a majority of the positions available within the various branches of the armed forces. For example, the military typically requires exceptional vision for those looking to become snipers or pilots, though the specifics will vary between positions.

What Does an ANSI Rating Mean?

Eyewear that has been given an ANSI rating has been tested according to the standards of the American National Standards Institute. This guarantees the glasses will be able to handle the pressures and demands of specific high-risk situations. All products that have been ranked by this organization will feature a designation alerting consumers to the rating, so be sure to look for this label when selecting eyewear.

What Does BCG Mean?

In the past, military-approved eyewear was known as “birth-control glasses.” This was a joke on the unappealing design of these early models, meant to point out that anyone wearing the glasses would have difficulty with romance. Luckily, times have changed and glasses for the military now come in a variety of designs that are far more appealing and stylish.

How Do I Pick the Right Glasses?

When selecting a pair of military glasses, it is important to take a few points to heart. You want the glasses to fit snugly while still being comfortable. If you are purchasing the glasses for style purposes, then take the shape of your face into consideration. This will help you select frames that complement the nature structure of your face and help you look your best.

Selecting the best eyewear for your needs takes time. Explore the selection available at Safety Gear Pro in order to get a better feel for the different models available. With a bit of research, you’ll be ready to find military-grade glasses for the demands of your lifestyle.