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Need help finding the right pair of sunglasses? Check out our guide on how to find the best sunglasses for you! Did you know that your face shape, personal style and activities that you participate in are all factors to consider?

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Protecting your eyes is incredibly important. Endless studies have shown that exposure to UV rays can cause lasting damage. What’s worse, when light reflects off of surfaces like water or snow it can be even more problematic for your vision. One of the best ways to shield your eyes from the dangers of the sun is by investing in the right prescription polarized sunglasses. There are a number of key benefits that come along with polarized lenses. Look over these tips and discover the best possible sunglasses to keep your eyes safe.

UV/UVB Protection

In order to understand the advantages of polarized sunglasses, it can be useful to understand how the technology works. Sunlight by itself is considered unpolarized. This means that it can oscillate in different directions, rather than always following a direct path. When the light hits a reflective surface like glass or water, it becomes polarized. To combat this kind of light, sunglasses featuring polarized lenses are coated with a vertical layer of a specific chemical that identifies this type of light and filters it out of your field of vision.

What Polarized Lenses Mean?

Another reason to think about using polarized lenses is to cut back on eye strain. When you are unable to make out certain shapes or words, your eyes will begin to strain in order to help improve your vision. Unfortunately, this often happens subconsciously and can lead to other health issues like headaches. Polarized lenses make everything in your field of vision clearer, which can help your eyes relax. If you currently experience headaches from your glasses, it could mean it is time to explore polarized options to discover the difference it can make for your health.

Some people who wear glasses in order to see tend to stay away from sunglasses. This is largely due to how little options existed. Instead of enduring the harsh light of the sun, it is now possible to have polarized lenses crafted to meet your specific prescription. All you need to do is pick out frames that meet your personal sense of style and you will be on your way to better eye health.

In order to keep your eyes protected from the potential damage caused by UV rays, you need to explore your options with prescription polarized sunglasses. Safety Gear Pro carries an extensive selection of eyewear, so take a moment to look at what’s available and find the perfect fit for your face.