It is hard to deny the benefits that come along with living an active lifestyle. According to research, those who engaged in activities like sports on a regular basis are likely to have stronger cardiovascular systems, which can lower the risk of heart disease. Still, there are several safety concerns involved with athletics. Selecting the best sports prescription glasses, for example, can be a challenge to many. Each sport poses unique risks to players, which means a standard pair of glasses is not enough to keep your eyes protected in all situations.

Baseball players running in the field

The best way to go about selecting prescription sports glasses is by researching what options work best for which sport. The eyewear that keeps you safe during a baseball game is not always going to be the most appropriate for a soccer scrimmage. Look over these tips and get a more in-depth understanding of how to select sports glasses for your active lifestyle.


The classic American sport of baseball doesn’t always seem like the type of game where serious injuries are common. Generally, there is little physical contact involved when compared to other games like football or hockey. Still, getting hit with a baseball that has been hit by a bat or thrown by an exceptional player can result in serious injuries. To keep your eyes protected, invest in prescription sports glasses that include a durable polycarbonate faceguard. Goggles are also advised for enhanced protection at the plate.

Kid playing baseball


Basketball is a game where face injuries are somewhat normal. A game can get intense fast and all it takes is one wayward elbow to hit your eye and cause some real pain. If you need glasses to see, the constant movement involved can make it easy for traditional eyewear to fly off and break. This is why experts suggest basketball players wear goggles during games. This creates a strong shield that prevents any flying limbs from disrupting the game or your ability to see.


One of the more intense sports to play, American football is a game that places wildly intense demands on the players. Safety gear like helmets are required to prevent the deadly head injuries that this game can cause. Still, a helmet is not enough to keep your eyes safe. To truly keep your face and eyes protected, you must invest in sports prescription glasses that include both a full face guard and eye guards.


Although more people tend to play football in an intramural capacity, hockey is considered just as risky to your physical health. Whether skating on the ice, blading on the pavement, or playing on foot, a simple fall or smack with a stick can cause serious facial damage. Just as with football, a helmet alone isn’t enough to guarantee eye safety. A mask made of polycarbonate material is the best way to keep yourself protected while engaged in this sport.

From baseball to football, getting outside to play a sport can be an amazing way to keep yourself in great shape and engage in friendly competition. To stay protected at all times, be sure to invest in the right eyewear. Explore the selection available at Safety Gear Pro to find the perfect fit for your physical activities.


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