Ray-Ban prescription sunglasses are known for their classic style, but this brand also offers updated takes featuring cutting-edge frame materials and lens technology. Every pair of Ray-Ban lifestyle sunglasses protects wearers’ eyes from exposure to optical radiation.Man Wearing Ray Ban sunglasses

Classic and Updated Frames

Ray-Ban was founded in 1936 and introduced Aviator sunglasses with metal frames in 1939. The Wayfarer style debuted in 1956, followed by browline-style Clubmasters in the 1960s. These classic styles saw a resurgence in popular culture during the 1980s and remain popular today.

The Clubmaster style is ideal for small-to-medium face sizes. Medium faces may also get a good fit with Wayfarer frames. The New Wayfarer is a new take on the classic made of lightweight, rubberized material. The cylinder-shaped Daddy-O II are also popular for medium-sized faces. Wearers who have larger faces may prefer traditional or updated versions of aviator frames, such as the RB3025 Aviator Large Metal or the Aviator RB3689.

Sun Protection for Eyes 

Ray-Ban makes frames and lenses that protect wearers’ eyes from damaging effects of optical radiation. The brand’s sunglasses are designed to reduce the amount of light that strikes eyes from any angle, and Ray-Ban lenses or compatible prescription lenses block 100% of ultraviolet rays. The brand’s polarized and Chromance lenses both block glare on the open road, water or snow.

Non-prescription Ray-Ban sunglasses come with proprietary advanced lens technology. From classic solid lenses to gradient, mirror, polarized and Chromance lenses, Ray-Ban excels at making stylish eyewear that provides 100% UV protection. Chromance, mirror and polarized lenses reduce glare and can enhance the appearance of certain colors, which may be beneficial during outdoor activities. Ray-Ban also makes a full line of styles with blue-light-blocking lenses to shield wearers’ eyes from blue light emitted by backlit screens.

Ray-Ban Prescription Sunglasses

You can put a personal touch on any pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses or eyeglasses by selecting your favorite frames and customizing a pair of prescription lenses. This eyewear enables you to see clearly outside or inside, depending on your choice of clear, tinted or blue light filtering lenses. You can pair any color of frames with standard, polarized or mirror-tinted lenses to meet your visibility needs for outdoor wear.


How do I order prescription Ray-Ban sunglasses?

Pick your favorite sunglasses frame style and specify prescription lenses. Select single vision or multi-focal lenses with standard or Premium Digital Lens (HD) surfacing. Prescription sunglasses may be available with standard blue, brown, green, grey, purple, red or yellow tinted lenses or a choice of gradient, mirror or polarized lenses.

What are the most popular Ray-Ban frames?

Aviators, Clubmasters and Wayfarers are classic Ray-Ban shade styles that are still popular choices today. Many wearers love the double-bridge Aviator RB3689, Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Large Metal, RB3016 Clubmaster and New Wayfarer. Updated styles such as Daddy-O II, Predator II and the rubberized, lightweight RB4195 Wayfarer Liteforce are also bestsellers.

Can I get Ray Ban prescription glasses?

Most Ray-Ban sunglasses are prescription-ready. The Ray-Ban Optical line of frames are designed for wear with clear or blue-light-blocking lenses. You can customize most of the brand’s styles with clear or tinted lenses. Check frame dimensions and specifications for eyewear that fits your face and accommodates prescription lens measurements.

What are Ray-Ban Blue-Light glasses?

Ray-Ban glasses with Blue-Light lenses are designed to protect wearers’ eyes during screen use. Wearing these glasses when using computers or devices may reduce symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome or digital eye strain such as fatigue and headaches. These lenses have light tinting and may be preferable for indoor wear.

Does Ray-Ban make frames in youth sizes?

Ray-Ban Junior frames come in small, medium and large sizes. The Ray-Ban Junior Vista line includes youth-sized versions of many of the brand’s most popular frame styles. Check out the Wayfarer-inspired Junior Vista RY1900 or RY1598, the full-frame Clubmaster styling of the Junior Vista RY1594 or Junior Vista RY1089 frames.

Most Ray-Ban glasses are compatible with a wide range of prescription powers or strengths. Choose single vision or multi-focal lenses with the option for high-definition Premium Digital Lens surfacing and a choice of clear, tinted or light adjusting lenses. Enter your prescription measurements, including the sphere and cylinder, to get a pair of Ray-Ban prescription sunglasses.

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