Few sunglass brands are more universally desired than Ray-Bans. Both Ray-Ban sunglasses and Ray-Ban prescription glasses come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to account for variations in both personal preference and face shape. While your face shape can usually help to determine which glasses or sunglasses are most appropriate for you, you should always remember to consider your personality when making a purchasing decision. Beyond appropriate fitting, there are no hard-and-fast rules for choosing glasses. Understanding commonly used guidelines, however, can help you choose the perfect pair.

woman wearing Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Style and Personality

Before purchasing a new pair of glasses, make an honest assessment of yourself. Are you a slick dresser known for your style, or are you a casual utilitarian who prefers comfort and function over aesthetics? Are you quiet and reserved or loud and gregarious? Generally, less traditional frames work best with outgoing personalities or stylish trend-setters, whereas traditional frames work best with reserved, professional, and conservative wearers. Examples of traditional frames include phantos or aviator styles. Round double bridge Ray-Ban glasses are less traditional. Also keep in mind that certain glasses have iconic histories that affect how people interpret them. Aviator styles, for example, are associated with movie cops and pilots, while wayfarers saw a considerable uptick in ’80s films. These associations can either benefit you or create dissonance with your personality. If you feel like you may be trying to hard to look cool, opt for a more classic style.

Face Shape

As with your style and personality, you should strive to honestly determine what your truest face shape is. Remember, just because your face is loosely round or triangle shaped doesn’t mean you are somehow abnormal. Beautiful faces can be found in every shape. Of course, no face fits perfectly into a geometric heuristic for choosing glasses. Just do your best to figure out what works for you.

Oval-Shaped Face

Ray-Bans for Oval Face Shape

An oval-shaped face works well with many different frames. Because oval faces are well balanced, they are the easiest to choose well-matched frames for. Look for a frame that is just wider than the widest part of the face. Frames that are not overly elongated in horizontal or vertical dimensions are ideal for oval-shaped faces.

Square-Shaped Face

Ray-Bans for Square Face Shape

Square-shaped faces with a strong jaw and forehead should be complemented with rounder frames. Frames should be wider than the cheekbones and  relatively thin so that frames do not overwhelm the race.

Round-Shaped Face

Ray-Bans for Round Face Shape

Round-shaped faces should avoid round glasses. Frames for rounder faces should be well-fitted, resting just above the inner cheekbones. Bold, angular frames give balance to round faces. Cat eye and D-frame glasses can also work well.

Triangle-Shaped Face

Ray-Bans for Triangle Face Shape

If you have what is known as the “base-down triangle-shaped face,” this means that the majority of your features are centered lower on the face. Often, people with triangular faces have very strong jaws. Aviator, D-frame, and cat eye classes can balance a triangular jaw. Round glasses can work with some, given that the jaw is more angular than rounded.

Options for Ray-Ban Prescription Glasses

Ray-bans come in many styles, from aviator to octagonal. Prescription glasses, sunglasses, computer screen glasses, and prescription sunglasses are all viable options, depending on your needs. Always consider your level of light sensitivity, migraine predispositions, and UVA/UVB exposure when deciding which glasses to buy.

woman in a car holding Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Ray-Ban Glasses?

Ray-Ban glasses are produced by Ray-Ban, an American company under Bausch and Lomb established in 1936. The first Ray-Ban anti-glare sunglasses were intended to counter the intense sunlight experienced by pilots at high altitudes.

Where are Ray-Bans Made?

In 1999, Italian Company Luxottica purchased Ray-Bans and began producing them in Italy. Some authentic Ray-Bans are produced in China. Luxottica maintains that China-produced frames are rigorously quality controlled.

Can You get Prescription Ray-Ban Sunglasses?

Yes. Ray-Ban frames can be used with any lenses that can be fitted in standard frames. Polar and non-polar filters are available depending on your need to either reduce environmental glare or use screen electronics.

What Are the Best Ray-Ban Lenses?

Which lenses are best for you depends entirely on your personal preferences. For those who frequently use computer monitors at work, computer screen glasses are best. For beach and outdoor wear, polarized sunglasses are best.

Do Prescription Sunglasses Feature the Ray-Ban Logo?

Ray-Ban prescription glasses feature the iconic logo just like any other Ray-Bans on the frame but not on the lens since it is updated to fit prescription. Ray-Bans is a company that takes pride in its high quality products, so authentic glasses are highly sought-after.

It is difficult to rival the quality and UV protection of a good pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. Finding the right frames can be like finding shoes that fit perfectly and look great, as they are likely to remain in your wardrobe for some time. Remember to set aside your biases when choosing frames. What works best with your style and shape may surprise you. To find the glasses for you, head to Safety Gear Pro today.