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Best 3M Safety Glasses

Specially designed to provide optimum comfort and protection, 3M safety glasses come in a variety of styles for a variety of purposes. The 3M SecureFit Protective Eyewear line not only looks great, but is engineered to fit comfortably and securely, meaning they feel great, too. Also offered as 3M prescription safety glasses, these industrial products are yet another example of the 3M brand dedication to designing tough products that work in real-life environments.

Latest OSHA Approved ANSI Rated Hearing Protection

Scientifically driven technologies such as advanced hearing protection are making a difference in industrial working environments. These specially designed 3M products give workers the protection they need from occupational noise while making it easier to communicate on the job.

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Protecting Your Workers

When it comes to occupational hazards, you need a product that is tough and durable to protect your most valuable asset – your employees. All 3M products are designed for optimum protection and long-lasting comfort for workers in a variety of industrial environments.

Prescription Safety Eyewear

The sleek design of 3M prescription safety glasses prioritizes comfort as well as eye protection in an innovatively functional way. With a well-fitting set of 3M safety glasses allowing your workers to see as clearly as when wearing their own glasses, this prescription eyewear optimizes vision performance and eye protection to help your workers get the job done safely while looking good.

Hearing Protection

With an emphasis on functionality, 3M products for hearing protection provide a uniquely comfortable and durable protection against occupational hearing loss. A variety of styles ensures that there is a great fit for innovative products in any industry.



When searching for the best products for worker health and safety, you want to go with a brand you trust. With an emphasis in innovation and cutting-edge safety technology, 3M products are developed with your workers in mind. As one of the best-known brands for industrial safety, 3M is dedicated to going above and beyond current industry standards to provide the materials you need to prioritize worker health and safety.

Personal Protection


With several lines of personal protective equipment, 3M brings together innovative engineering of new products to solve problems in the realm of industrial health and safety. These products range from environmentally conscious respirators and safety harnesses to 3M prescription safety glasses and electronic hearing protection devices. With decades of experience in industrial safety solutions and the drive for innovation across diverse industries and work environments, 3M is the brand you can trust to apply scientific solutions to real-life safety needs.


Innovative Design


One of the hardest parts of aspects of promoting use of personal protective products in your workers is comfort, style, and functionality. The 3M products geared towards protective eyewear are specially designed to fit comfortably and closely to the eye in order to provide optimum safety from industrial hazards while ensuring your workers know they will look good using them.


Electronic hearing protection with 3M’s original electronic ear plugs and earmuffs solve a major problem in the workplace by providing noise reduction protection even when they need to hear nearby instruction or communicate in loud environments.


Whether you are providing safety equipment for construction workers or for employees in an industrial manufacturing setting, 3M products are dedicated to improve the comfort, style, and functionality of occupational safety. By investing in high-quality and durable safety products from the trusted 3M brand, you are investing in the increased safety and productivity of workers in any industrial environment.