Are you a worker who wears safety goggles regularly, regardless of the intensity of any particular job? While that is wonderful, the fact is that you are still not doing something correctly. You should be wearing the 3m face shield as well.

However, the question arises: why should one considering wearing a face shield when their eyes are already covered? Well, here are some of the reasons why it is essential for you to wear the 3m face shield:

3m face shield

It’s Not Just Your Eyes

When you take your entire face into consideration, the need for the 3m face shield becomes apparent. Safety goggles will only serve to protect your eyes. On the other hand, a face shield will protect other features of your face as well. For instance, the protection of your nose is equally as important as the protection of your eyes.

The fact of the matter is that there are numerous hazards that an average worker has to deal with. From flying debris to intense heat to radiation, there are several dangers to contend with. Bearing this in mind, your eyes are not the only things that will require protection and coverage.

An Additional Layer of Protection

Are you of the perception that the 3m face shields are supposed to be alternatives to safety goggles and glasses? If the answer is yes, you certainly are mistaken. Eye damage is the most common form of facial damage that workers suffer from. This is the reason it is advisable for you to use face shields as secondary protection devices, in addition to the usage of safety goggles. This will ensure that your precious eyes are saved from irreparable damage.

hard hat visor

Use Your Hard Hat

Did you know that hard hat visors can also be used wonderfully well in this regard? The usage of hard hat visors not only ensures that your head is protected but ensures the protection of your face as well. When you take it all into perspective, you have to say that it offers double protection.

Bearing everything in mind, the fact is that there are numerous options for face protection that can be used by workers. The workers need to use these options in the best possible manner, so as to extract the maximum possible utility out of them. Regardless of what you might be looking for, Safety Gear Pro has got every possible piece of protective equipment that you might need!