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  • Saltbreak  Sunglasses bk01-blackout-gray-lens-angle3.png Saltbreak  Sunglasses bk01-blackout-gray-lens-angle4.png

    Costa Saltbreak

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  • Kiwa Sunglasses kwa11-shiny-black-gray-lens-angle1.png Kiwa Sunglasses kwa11-shiny-black-gray-lens-angle2.png

    Costa Kiwa

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  • Half Moon Sunglasses hfm155-shiny-black-matte-black-blue-mirror-lens-angle3.png Half Moon Sunglasses hfm155-shiny-black-matte-black-blue-mirror-lens-angle4.png

    Costa Half Moon

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  • Bayside Sunglasses bayside-tortoise-copper-lens-angle1 Bayside Sunglasses bayside-tortoise-copper-lens-angle2

    Costa Bayside

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  • Skimmer Sunglasses skm11-matte-black-gray-lens-angle1.png Skimmer Sunglasses skm11-matte-black-gray-lens-angle2.png

    Costa Skimmer

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  • North Turn Sunglasses ntn21-palladium-gray-lens-angle1.png North Turn Sunglasses ntn21-palladium-gray-lens-angle2.png

    Costa North Turn

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  • Whitetip Sunglasses wtp01-blackout-copper-lens-angle3.png Whitetip Sunglasses wtp01-blackout-copper-lens-angle4.png

    Costa Whitetip

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  • Tuna Alley Sunglasses ta01-blackout-gray-lens-angle3.png Tuna Alley Sunglasses ta01-blackout-gray-lens-angle4.png

    Costa Tuna Alley

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  • Riverton Sunglasses rvt10-tortoise-copper-lens-angle3.png Riverton Sunglasses rvt10-tortoise-copper-lens-angle4.png

    Costa Riverton

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  • Rinconcito Sunglasses ric11-matte-black-copper-lens-angle3.png Rinconcito Sunglasses ric11-matte-black-copper-lens-angle4.png

    Costa Rinconcito

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  • Rincon Sunglasses rin11-shiny-black-gray-lens-angle3.png Rincon Sunglasses rin11-shiny-black-gray-lens-angle4.png

    Costa Rincon

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  • Remora Sunglasses rem133-torotise-orange-gray-lens-angle3.png Remora Sunglasses rem133-torotise-orange-gray-lens-angle4.png

    Costa Remora

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Costa: Glasses for Every Occassion

Watch and Learn How

Find Your Costa Fit

Embark on an unforgettable journey with these exciting new Costa sunglasses. Whether exploring the beach or diving below the surface, Costa brings you the eyewear you need for any expedition. These men’s and women’s options have been carefully crafted for your aquatic lifestyle and sense of adventure.

Professional-Grade Sunglasses for All Activities

Learn how professional anglers take advantage of the cutting-edge design and durable materials found in leading Costa sunglasses. Oliver White and Jose Wejebe discuss the compelling reasons to pick up a pair of Costa polarized sunglasses for fishing or other activities on the water.

Costa Technology

Innovative Lens Technology

Thanks to the multi-layered performance of Costa del Mar sunglasses, you’ll enjoy unmatched protection and vision for any outdoor activity. From the polarized film to the scratch-proof encapsulated mirrors, you’ll receive a pair of sunglasses that take advantage of all the latest technology.

Mirrored Lens Benefits

Your Costa sunglasses are designed to keep you safe and comfortable, whether riding the waves or enjoying the sun. Each pair of mirrored lens sunglasses prevents additional light from passing through, which is a must-have performance upgrade when you’re on the water.

Variety of Lens Color Options

These sunglasses may be highly functional, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise your style. Select from blue mirror, green mirror gray mirror or other iconic lens options to keep you looking fresh and ready for any beach, anywhere. Even prescription lenses can come in multiple colors, so functionality doesn’t have to reduce your sense of style when wearing Costa Prescription Sunglasses.

Your Costa Sunglasses

Costa del Mar Sunglasses combine the powerful performance of sportswear with the laid-back style and coastal vibes of beachwear. Whether you’re looking for a way to up your fishing game or need to keep the sun at bay as you relax on your hammock, Costa sports the latest styles, colors and rugged performance you need.

Search for your perfect pair of Costa sunglasses. Each lense type comes in a variety of colors, frames and frame colors to accessorize your way to the top. Costa uses nothing but the best in terms of comfortable fits, protective lenses and long-lasting designs.

If hot, sunny days typically keep your glasses from performing at their best, choose a pair of Costa sunglasses that comes equipped with ventilation technology. Innovative venting allows you to reduce fogging and improve your vision on hot, humid days. 

Prescription Views

Don’t let a prescription keep you from enjoying your new pair of Costa sunglasses. Costa prescription sunglasses allow you to see clearly as you ride the waves and outperform the competition at any lake or ocean sport. Most Costa sunglasses are compatible with prescription lenses. Shop for your favorite style and color and find out how you can receive quality sunglasses with convenient prescription lenses.

Polarized Performance

 Those UVA/UVB rays are particularly harmful when you’re out on the open water. From fishing and sailing to diving and beach volleyball, protect your eyes when you’re near the water with effective UVA/UVB protection. Choose a pair of sunglasses that offer the best in mirrored lens technology. Costa sunglasses outperform other sunglasses that don’t harness the power and efficiency of mirrored, polarized lenses.

From the beach to the open ocean, Costa is a premier option for achieving optimal results and superior performance. Protect your vision and step up your game by selecting a style that was specifically created for your outdoor watersports or seaside adventures.