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Prescription POC Sunglasses


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Poc Sunglasses FAQs

Why Should You Consider Buying POC Sunglasses?

POC sunglasses are designed with high-quality materials and offer superior levels of durability for the wearer. These sunglasses will deliver long-term use and ensure your eyes remain protected no matter what type of outdoor activity you enjoy.

Why Are UV Rays Harmful?

If your eyes experience long-term or ongoing exposure to UV rays, serious damage can occur. With POC sunglasses, you can feel confident your eyes are fully protected, which minimizes the potential of any injury or damage.

Where Are POC Sunglasses Made?

POC sunglasses are manufactured in both European and Asian countries. You can ensure that each pair meets the brand’s high standards to ensure you get the high-quality and durable design that you expect from this brand.

Are POC Sunglasses Lenses Polarized?

Many of the options provided by POC offer polarized lenses. You can also opt for this coating if you want it. It is highly recommended that anyone participating in outdoor sports or activities utilize polarized coating since it will help reduce the glare that may impact your vision.

What Type of Sunglasses Should Cyclists Wear?

If you are a cyclist or enjoy other outdoor activities, choosing sunglasses with photochromic lenses is highly recommended. These can adapt to changing light conditions and ensure you can clearly see what is ahead of you.


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Clear Vision & Style in POC Sunglasses


Vision Accuracy

Ensuring clear vision is a must when participating in any fast-paced activity. With prescription POC sunglasses, you can feel confident that you will have vision accuracy and clarity, regardless of what you do or where you go.

Distortion-Free Clarity

Along with vision accuracy, you also achieve distortion-free clarity with all styles of POC sunglasses. This means you will be able to clearly see what is ahead and feel confident that you aren’t missing potentially dangerous conditions or hazards.

Lenses Block UV/HEV Rays

Ongoing or extended exposure to UV or HEV lights can result in eye damage and increase the likelihood of macular degeneration along with other eye conditions. Most blue light from the sun is easily blocked when you wear quality sunglasses designed to keep up these rays.

Sunglasses That Deliver Unprecedented Performance and Quality

Regardless of if you plan to take your bike to hidden trails or city paths or plan on ski touring or enjoying a sunny day, POC sunglasses offer activity-specific designs, frames, and lenses that can stand up to these conditions while providing superior levels of performance. These glasses provide clarity and definition that are unparalleled in the industry by other active style sunglasses. If you enjoy the great outdoors and pushing your limits, then POC cycling sunglasses may be the ideal pairing for your adventures.

Superior Durability You Can Count On

POC sunglasses are designed with super lightweight frames that are also extremely durable. The frames are manufactured using hearty yet flexible plastic that can stand up to the abuse of any adventure-seeker. Even in the roughest riding terrain, you can count on your POC brand sunglasses to stay in place and remain comfortable. All this is possible thanks to the discreetly placed rubber added to the arms and nosepiece. The hinges also pop out rather than break, which means there are few things you can do to damage or break these sunglasses.

Pick your poison – POC sunglasses come in various styles and colors to ensure you can find just what you want and are looking for. Regardless of if you love cycling, skiing, or just spending time on the open road, POC sunglasses deliver the high-quality eye protection and style you are looking for. With POC sunglasses, you have high-performing, durable eyewear you will love to show off.